In 2015 professors Carlo Bagnoli and Alessandro Cinquegrani Cà Foscari designed Istorie; a project whose goal is to create the breeding ground for new experiments in business story telling. In its first edition, Istorie has selected 25 students from the postgraduate degrees in Economics and Humanities in order to form several groups that could tell in a short film and a short novel the story of a company placed in the Veneto region. To Egidio and his three colleagues of Humanities and Economics has been assigned the task to tell the story of FriulAdria: the bank now part of Credit Agricole group that sponsored the entire project Istorie.

After having studied the meanings of FriulAdria, Egidio identified the myth that most could have represented the identity, and the personal goals of the bank. From that research, he has stretched the screenplay for this short film. It is presented as a thinking about trust and the role it can have in the relationships between different generations.

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