TRILOGY OF THE WORD throughout Italy: a series of three performances which aims to materialize on stage the anthropological essence of Southern Italy through corporal journeys to three different landing places: that of Gesture, that of Rite, that of Magic.

Sur, among the three, is the show that belongs to the “Gesture dimension”.

Lara tells well the essence of her theatrical act:
´Two women alone on stage wearing old-fashions undergarments belonging. Are so presented to viewers, “naked,” as this underwear is not aloud to the public sight, concerns a possible doffing only in a collected and out of sight world. The purity so breaks the silence of the discretion. May the narrative begins.
Where to go and where to return? The answer is suggested by the scene itself: the earth. The earth because it arises life, something that has universal appeal, destination for the Nostos who left the country.ª
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Video has tried to give this essence faithfully to the viewer; and the more attempts to stay true to the show were meant to be resolved, the more the camerawork and editing became overwhelming.
An accurate job with the stage lights, three intense days of shooting and two dense months of editing have perhaps managed not to frustrate the effort.

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