dance of animal

It is the second show of the TRILOGY OF THE WORD. It is the result of careful investigation on Tarantismo in the South of Italy and on the rituals that cloaked the old values of land. It is the continuation of a deep journey into the Southern psyche.

“The duologue becomes in this second movement a trio that engages a darker aspect of southern culture, translating into a choreographic language of the phenomenon of Tarantismo. The bite of a spider, a complex and structured ritual, the convulsions of the female body. Body which in this case becomes helpless instrument of unconscious drives, unwilling bearer of profound neurosis. Fractures and contractures are the gestural translation of the murky emotional disturbances. Schizophrenic dialogue, three bodies follow the broken time and sometimes inconsistent neurotic visceral flow. “

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Even more than for SUR, the sights and sounds’ render of DANCE OF ANIMAL was a difficult challenge. It has involved an elaborate plan of shooting and meticulous work of post-production to make the most of the atmosphere, the taste, the alchemy of the show.

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